Hello, we'reHintxXXo

We architect your ambition.

Hint brings technology, product design, and business together to realize AI with you.

Our Success

We partner with our clients as an advisor in AI application development. Working with startups, we’ve helped take their best strengths and combine them with their ambitions to leverage AI. We develop tools that help non-technical founders get hands-on and spend as much time enabling the entire team to contribute as we do pushing toward the next milestone.

If you’re interested in creating something risky, challenging, and customer-centric, we’d love to get in touch.

We believe AI shouldn’t just live in the backend. It should be easily available to internal teams and customers alike.

Our Passion

We’re passionate about building User Experience where customers are: their phones and browsers.

That passion just got a lot more interesting with the advent of AI. We’re seeing radical changes to the interface users interact with every day and are working to direct solutions at the cutting edge that will meet the needs of these users.

Our publication, Stable Discussion, highlights our interests and shares some of our passion with the broader community. You can get to know us a little better by reading our posts or listening to our podcast there.

If you’re interested in creating something incredible that can only happen now, contact us.

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